Renaissance Man, Musician, and Social Entrepreneur from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Co-CEO of Doublet Medialead singer & musician for The Collective Band. A Communicator. Connect with him below, or find out more HERE.


The Communicator

"To sum up all of my talents, I would say my true gift is communicating. I have a knack for finding out the most creative & efficient ways to take great ideas, and relay them to people in a manner that gets everyone moving together in one direction. I utilize cutting edge technology, and a social constructionist approach to making everything I do with my work in the business world, entertainment industry, and through philanthropy & ministry materialize into quality, effective projects."

Always Ready.

"In my world, the brands & projects I manage require me to be on the road for long periods of time, but it's an exciting thing for me to push myself past my limits and back. I'm always prepared to collaborate on new projects, new ideas, and create the next big thing."

"If you'd like to get in contact with me, head on over to my "Contact" page, and drop me a line; my additional connection info can be found there also."

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Digital "Jack-of-all-trades"

"It's great to be a handy man, especially when it comes to navigating the endless sea of technology. By trade I'm a Digital Strategist, with a background in digital design & development, and also concept development for marketing successful brands online. Outside of this, I use my talents to communicate through music, writing, and all sorts of other cool stuff."

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